Young Ghanaian entrepreneur named change maker by +SocialGood

A young Ghanaian entrepreneur Emmanuel Nyame has been named as one of five +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors of the UN Foundation.

The Director of Ghana startup was named alongside other changemakers, including Corrie Frazer, US, Karimbanamdalla, Tunisia, who are using innovative thinking to create a better world.

Emmanuel Nyame, who was a contributor to the famous book ‘2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials Are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing the World’ is no stranger to innovation and entrepreneurship.

A proud product of Accra Academy, Nyame, at age 16 together with his colleagues birthed a business concept of giving out loans to be paid to colleague students with interest. 

The innovation was highly successful and won an award.

He later graduated and consulted for many companies and helped in raising capital for startups even when he was yet to get his first degree.

His recent acclamation by +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors comes on the back of recent successes in organising the Africa startup cup competition in Ghana.

“Emmanuel Nyame is a management consultant who successfully helps entrepreneurs build great companies. He has implemented several initiatives to boost the growth of African entrepreneurship. When not writing about impact and innovation, he’s catching up on his reading list of business books. He helped to establish Social Good Ghana to give direction on innovation and new media,” a statement issued by +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors said.

+SocialGood Connectors and Advisors is a global community of innovators, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders united around a shared vision.

The community has 35 Connectors and Advisors bringing critical voices and perspectives from around the globe. These leaders use their local and regional influence to create global change.

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