Most of the photos below were taken at events. The notable leaders and I either shared a stage at an event, or we connected separately. 

Sharing My Knowledge At Events

Most of the time, I get invited by organizations to speak or give a lecture/presentation at events. I try as much as possible to deliver relevant conversations in my subject areas – building a community, developing programs, and UX/UI Design.  I have come to realize that passion goes hand in hand with giving back to communities to help them grow. With my knowledge about organizational growth strategies and community enhancement, i have been able to help thousands of individuals across the globe.

In the past, I have spoken in areas such as:

Youth Advocacy: Effective student to teacher engagement, youth empowerment, closing the achievement gap.

Community Development: Social issues, demographics, parent engagement, community involvement.

Social Innovation: Social issues and behavioral solution discussions to utilize within the technology development space. 

Technology & Entrepreneurship: Leveraging new media to make the world a better place.

A glimpse at some past events

  1. Goalkeepers by Bill & Melinda Gates, Johannesburg and South Africa.
  2. We The Future by TED and United Nations Foundation, Manhattan
  3. Johnson & Johnson Innovation Weekend, Manhattan
  4. United Nations Solutions Summit, Manhattan
  5. Young Leaders x World Leaders, Delegates Dining Room, UN HQ, New York
  6. African Arts Festival, Chicago
  7. Personal Development Nerds Meetup, Manhattan
  8. Kairos Society Verizon Meetup, Manhattan
  9. Data Financing to End Hunger, Trusteeship Council Chamber, UN HQ, New York
  10. New Technologies and Mobile Solutions for Development, UN Headquarters, Room 2, New York
  11. Using Data & Technology To Achieve The Sustainable Development Goals, Trusteeship Council, UN HQ, New York
  12. Inclusive Data To End Poverty And Leave No One Behind, UN HQ, New York
  13. Global Goals World Cup, SAP – Hudson Yards, New York
  14. MakeSense Tech x Global Goals, New York
  15. Pecha Kucha Style Storytelling, by Impact Hub, Nexus, +SocialGood, TED, Manhattan


Photo Gallery With World Leaders