For the past 12 years, I have provided value to dozens of organizations in various sectors. I have been hired in different capacities either for community management roles, program management or UX/UI design. My zest for excellence is infectious. My commitment towards the job-at-hand inspires and my authenticity attracts everyone I meet.

How My Impact Is Assessed

Every organization has their own way of measuring the success of key staff or workers. In general, I have been assessed by the following ways: 

  • Anecdotal evidence: Some organizations tell stories about specific clients who have benefited from a program or service. Some use general community or staff feedback to gauge impact.
  • Quantitative measurement: using numerical data (performance measures, indicators, etc.) to measure whether things are getting better or worse.

From my perspective, however, there are actually two different types of impact we need to think about. Understanding the distinction between the two is critical; not understanding the difference can be worrying.

  1. Program-level impact is the impact that individual services have on the people who directly participate in them.
  2. Population-level (or community-level) impact is the impact that many different partners, working in collaboration, have on a specific population (community, town, state. etc.)

I have worked for

Here are a few companies that hired me in different roles. I am using their logos as reference only. This shall not constitute any invitation to act as an agent for them or to enter into contracts on behalf of them. There is no commercial intent for this post. 

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