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Theory of Impact

Emmanuel Nyame’s social impact measurement is classified as an understanding how much social change occurred and can be attributed to his activities. The integrity of the process is bolstered by his impact statement and a clear impact-driven, stakeholder-focused strategy.  It  is very different from data collection, impact assessment and impact reporting but often gets mixed into those categories! Emmanuel’s key performance areas are categorized into Entrepreneurship Development and Community Development. Since 2008, he has recorded incredible accomplishments in these areas and is determined to do more.

Entrepreneurship Development

The fact that the financing of the young African startups remain a challenge because of the structural limit of classic investment vehicle is not a secret any more. Despite the increasing will of investors to see the continent as a land of opportunities, their will to reduce the size of investment ticket to match very small company needs has been confronted with the lack of operational expertise of those small structures. Emmanuel Nyame deploys the strategies below to develop entrepreneurship in Africa:

  • Partnering Entrepreneurship Organizations & Venture Capitalists

    Working with venture capitalists to provide business and operational support for portfolio organisations

  • Raising Funds for Startups

    Connecting funders to startups in accordance with their funding philosophy.

  • Program Development

    Launch and provide ongoing support for entrepreneurship labs, accelerators and competitions.

Previous Collaborations

Success Stories

  •  Successful mentoring and coaching for startups in Uganda, Morocco, Ghana, and  Sudan.
  • Partner deals including a global telecom’s acquisition of an African telecom’s assets.
  • The creation of an African country’s commodities exchange 
  • A telecom’s IPO in Africa.
  • Operational support for specific startups in Africa.

Community Development

Community development aims to develop the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of communities with a focus on marginalized people. Solutions to community problems are developed by local people, based on local knowledge and priorities. Work done in deprived areas to benefit vulnerable people exemplifies some aspects of the relationship between community development and Emmanuel’s desire to create change.

  • Working With Diplomatic and Civic Organizations

    Collaboration and sharing experiences is vital to good community activity.

  • Mapping Out Key Techniques Through Speaking & Writing

    Supporting communities, of place and identity, to use their own assets to improve the quality of community life.

  • Progress of Change for Nonprofits

    Helping communities and public agencies/nonprofits work together to improve services and the way in which decisions are made.

Previous Collaborations

Success Stories

  • Improved community engagement for a globally renowed diplomatic organization.
  • Increased visibility for nonprofit beneficiary engagement
  • Advised on successful expansion of a global community into Africa.
  • Increased subscribers and members for a community based online startup
  • Brand ambassador and representative to promote youth and gender equality.

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