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#GlobalGoals: Open Letter to World Leaders

I am so passionate about the #GlobalGoals. It is evidently seen in my initiatives especially Educational Communities Worldwide. Hence, when the call came to add my name to the Open Letter calling on world leaders to act for People and Planet and help achieve the Global Goals, I did not hesitate. I’m thrilled to be part of an unprecedented group of activists, advocates and leaders from more than 120 countries coming together to back this call.

Video source: instagram.com/theglobalgoals

The letter launches today (30th January 2020) in global media, accompanied by the short film below. The full list of signatories are displayed on www.globalgoals.org

Video source: instagram.com/theglobalgoals

To make things happen, you have to make things – and I’m glad to have made this letter happen.
Thanks to all the amazing Activists who signed the letter. Let us continue to work for good. You’re appreciated.

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