Are You a JA Alum? Here Are 6 Reasons to Join Gather.

Gather Alumni provides JA Alumni with further experience and opportunities, encourage them to strengthen their passion for entrepreneurship and build international networks of like-minded people.
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I am a proud product of Junior Achievement. While in high school, my friends and I started initiatives that helped pay the school fees of students on campus. Literally, this was how my entrepreneurial journey begun 10 years ago. I am a proud alumna, and I always recommend Junior Achievement to students in my community to participate in their programs in order to grow their entrepreneurship skills. I will tell you all about my JA experience another day. I am rather excited now about JA Worldwide’s new social networking platform, ‘Gather’, aimed at connecting all alumni around the world.

All About Gather, the JA Global Alumni Community

Did you know that Gather, JA Worldwide’s online global JA alumni community, got a major upgrade? The new version of Gatherwent live on January 24, 2020, giving former students the opportunity to connect wherever they are, whenever they want.

Below you’ll find everything you need to promote gather to JA alumni in your local area or region.

Join Gather today

Why join Gather?

Were you a part of JA, Junior Achievement, Young Enterprise, INJAZ, Impulsa, or any of the dozens of ways that JA is translated around the world? If so, you’re eligible to join Gather, the JA alumni community, where doing good is just part of doing business. Join Gather today!

Access Gather at

Benefits for JA alumni:

  • Global community of like-minded people
  • Find alumni near you on the interactive map
  • Connect and exchange ideas
  • Attend alumni events globally
  • Develop new skills
  • Leadership opportunities

You can Join Gather online or on your mobile phone at your own convenient time. Here are the links below to download the Gather alumni app on your phone:

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I already joined Gather alumni app on mobile. Whenever you download the app and create your account, do not forget to send me a hi 🙂

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